Pergola X

Turn your San Antonio outdoor space into a peaceful and stunning retreat with the Pergola X by StruXure.

Meet the World's Smartest Pergola

The Pergola X is a contemporary pergola equipped with technology that allows it to open, close, pivot, and slide to suit your needs.

It is available in four models:

  • Pivot 6
  • Pivot 6 XL
  • Pivot 6 Slide
  • Pan 6


From residential to commercial uses, and from small patios to larger outdoor spaces in San Antonio, we’ve got you covered.

Discover the ultimate in outdoor comfort with the Pergola X series, available at San Antonio Pergolas. Beat the heat without sacrificing style, thanks to a variety of options designed to suit any taste. Whether you are looking to enhance a residential patio or expand a commercial space, the Pergola X series offers versatile solutions for any setting.

From adjustable louvers to fixed panels, these pergolas provide the perfect blend of functionality and elegance. Transform your outdoor area into a cool, inviting oasis while adding a touch of modern sophistication with the Pergola X series.

Pivot 6

The Pivot 6 is our most popular model for San Antonio homeowners. Its pivoting louvers allow you to control the amount of sunlight entering your space. Our uniquely designed louvers can pivot a full 170°, providing protection no matter the sun’s position. Whether you want full sun, no sun, or something in between, you can enjoy your space exactly as you desire.

Ensure your patio is comfortable no matter the time of day or season with complete customizable control. Enjoy morning coffee in gentle sunlight, afternoon relaxation in partial shade, or evening gatherings under a fully closed pergola. The Pivot 6 model not only enhances your outdoor living space but also adds a touch of modern elegance to your home.

Durable and stylish, it is the perfect addition for those who love spending time outdoors while maintaining control over their environment. With the Pivot 6, outdoor living has never been more versatile and enjoyable.

Pergola X

Pivot 6 XL

For commercial applications, the Pivot 6 XL is engineered to span greater distances and handle three times more rainwater than our industry-leading Pivot 6 model. This allows StruXure to design larger systems for bigger projects, solidifying our position as the industry leader in San Antonio commercial pergolas.

The Pivot 6 XL is motorized for effortless operation, allowing you to easily adjust the louvers to control sunlight and shade. Its 360-degree gutter system ensures efficient water management, keeping the area dry and comfortable. Available in six different colors, the Pivot 6 XL can seamlessly integrate with any architectural style, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Whether you are setting up an outdoor dining space, a lounge area, or a bar, the Pivot 6 XL offers the durability and versatility needed for commercial use, making it a top choice for businesses looking to enhance their outdoor spaces.

Pivot 6 Slide

For times when you don’t need every section of your Pergola X to be automated, we offer the Pan 6—a fixed ceiling panel option that seamlessly integrates and provides protection. The Pan 6 is ideal for larger projects in San Antonio, with multiple zones, allowing you to alternate between louvers and fixed panels for optimal flexibility. The Pivot 6 Slide is an ideal choice for both homes and businesses, particularly those with outdoor fireplaces that require coverage in the rain but need to open fully to let heat and smoke escape. 

Perfect for hosting Fourth of July parties or for star-gazing enthusiasts, the Pivot 6 Slide provides the best of both worlds—enjoy the night sky without worrying about unexpected weather changes. When closed, it offers protection and coverage, and when open, it delivers a clear, expansive view. This versatility makes the Pivot 6 Slide a fantastic addition to any outdoor space, combining safety, functionality, and the ability to fully enjoy the outdoors.

Pergola Pivot 6 Slide
Pergola X Pan 6

Pan 6

The Pan 6 model of the Pergola X series is the ideal choice for those who prefer a fixed ceiling panel option over an automated system. Perfect for businesses such as outdoor bars or restaurants that require constant coverage, the Pan 6 ensures a reliable, shaded area at all times. Homeowners will also appreciate its design for creating a designated sun-free zone, such as by the pool, providing a consistent escape from the heat.

Designed for larger projects with multiple zones, the Pan 6 seamlessly integrates with other models in the Pergola X series. This flexibility allows you to create a structure that combines both louvers and fixed panels, offering the best of both worlds. Whether for commercial or residential use, the Pan 6 delivers durability and continuous coverage, making it a practical and stylish addition to any outdoor space. Enjoy the simplicity and reliability of the Pan 6 for all your shading needs.

Find the Perfect Pergola For You With the Pergola X Series

To explore how the Pergola X series can enhance your outdoor space, consult a specialist at San Antonio Pergolas. Whether you are a homeowner looking to upgrade your patio or a business owner aiming to create a comfortable outdoor area for customers, there is a perfect model for your needs.

Experience the advantages of top-of-the-line features and stylish designs that transform any space into a cool, inviting retreat. Reach out today to discover how the Pergola X series can provide the perfect balance of functionality and elegance for your outdoor area.